Zoned Out #2 (comic strip)

Zoned Out strip #2!

We hope you all had a happy and protected Halloween.
Zoned Out #2
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  • rpg

    Nice one, love it. Sometime a funny comic is the best way to remind us of important things like being careful with what we eat at Halloween. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great day for kids (and older ones!) to play, but we have to make sure to keep it safe ;)

  • Huh?

    I don’t get it…. he ate candy from some tech guy, and then on the next house found out he got hacked because of his open wifi on his apple i-phone or like as application?


  • Omri

    Love this! great job animating.

    I’m not as good as you at the animation. still on black and white line drawings.