Symbian S60 3rd edition hacked – and Nokia’s October response

A blog called has released information about hacking of S60 3rd edition firmware with Flash update.
According to the blog a new Nokia Software Updater prevents this Symbian hack from working.

It appears that the point in this case is the editing of swipolicy.ini file.

By adding AllFiles capability to the file it’s possible to explore the entire file system.

The author has released several screenshots confirming the access to the Sys folder too.

The previous entries released earlier this month are located at site is registered to Mr. Roger Muhmu using a contact address of local Peekpoke company. Their Web site lists a P.O. Box address in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Security professionals here in Finland have confirmed the issue and Nokia’s Corporate Security department is aware. The following devices have been verified: Nokia N73, E61 and E90.

Ron Liechty of Forum Nokia confirmed the issue on Monday 29th Oct.

  • clueless

    And why such hacking is important?

  • Juha-Matti

    This is the only way discovered to access the entire file system and it enables to run 3rd party application on S60 devices.

  • mohamed