Your chance to take down SecuriTeam blogs

if there’s anyone out there who wants to take down securiteam blogs once and for all, here’s your chance.
on thursday Sunshine, noam and i will be on the same airplane flying to trsec in istanbul. in case of an airplane crash, the root password will be lost forever and save for the daily post from juha-matti the blogs will go dark with no one else writing (yes fellow securiteam bloggers, i *am* looking at you).

anyway, if you’re in the area, istanbul is a great place to visit this time of year. mail us for an invitation (we’ve got a bunch of “securiteam” tickets reserved) and come by on friday to profilo alveri merkezi to say hello and we’ll buy you a beer^h^h^h^h coke (turkey is a muslim country).

  • Thomas

    Turkey is not a muslim country.
    Turkey is a democratic, secular, unitary, constitutional republic unlike _real_ muslim countries..)
    There are a lot of muslims though.

  • Aviram

    Thomas, thanks for the correction, you are absolutely right.

    So let me rephrase that – Turkey is a secular republic with a majority (over 90%) of Muslims.

    And while I’m at it, let me just add that Cola Turka kicks ass!

  • ex

    i’m living in Istanbul, drinking beer on the street is not a problem, i do it all time, no one cares, lol.

    i hope i will be there.

  • pazi

    guys, following you from the scratch , nice to meet you on Istanbul will be honour for me. Drinking bear no problem take it easy ..

    see you there.

  • Farhad

    hey u! Turkey is not muslim country! Musilm means whose believes in islam! So Turkey is a country with muslim people living there.

    Secondly how come turkey is a Islamic Country? the government over there is secular! Every one in tukey drinks beer and alcoholic drinks! you are completly miss understood Turkey and even Islamic Country!

    You never say Iran is Jewish country! Only because there are jewish people there and you never can say oh it’s scary to drink beer in Iran! you can drink beer in Iran as well while you have to keep it Hide~! that’s it.

  • Aviram

    Farhad, some countries actually define themselves as religious – Iran is “the Islamic republic of Iran”. But you are right, Turkey does not define itself as Muslim but as secular.

    And I never said that drinking beer was scary or illegal, just that it would be inappropriate. But I’m probably going to take Pazi on his offer ;-)

  • pazi

    allright aviram, there is a bowling center in the profilo
    during lunch time we can take a game and say cheers;)

  • Aviram

    Pazi – sounds like a plan!